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Primtooth MYO - Disastercase by Cybersix-Data7 Primtooth MYO - Disastercase :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 24 11
Some Days
Salem cursed under his breath as he tripped on a rock on his way to see Hexxus. The man just having been slapped with the failure of his newest attempt at flirting. It'd been a long day already, and he was having a hard time hiding the anxiety that was trying to peek through, leaving him tense and not completely paying attention to where he was going. Thankfully for him no one was around to see that little bit of embarrassment. It was hard to have a swagger when you were tripping over things you couldn't see. Damn depth perception. The walk felt too long, even though it probably wasn’t very long at all. The tenseness that had been bunched in his shoulders slowly seemed to ease away as Hexxus came into view. The Stryx’s feathers fluffing up for a moment as he caught sight of Salem in return and ruffled them so they’d sit more smoothly against him, giving a half flap half hop so that he could he could get to his rider faster.
It was enough to make Salem give a smal
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 4 2
Untitled by Cybersix-Data7 Untitled :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 6 0
My story is a long one... a ve
My story is a long one... a very long one, and a tiring one, and it is not for the faint of heart. Nor is my story for those who are skeptic of the world around them, those who are not willing to believe in magic and creatures they have never before seen with their own eyes. My story is true, every last word of it. Every second is the truth, and is a part of my life.
Not all of you will reach the end of my story, for some of you will think it simply too ridiculous, to wild and crazy, impossible for all of this to happen to only one. Some of you will stay, and let your mind open the impossibilities, yet undeniable truths to my tale... some of you will not.
Some may stay for the simple fact that it is ridiculous, and want to see what else could possibly happen. Some are simply too closed minded to think and believe in what is not in front of their faces, and that is okay. Whatever you choose, weather it is to stay or go, I will not judge you, nor will I be angry.
I only hope you will
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 3 0
Mature content
Scars :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 6 4
The Darkness in me
Dark.... it's so dark here.
Inside of me... too dark.
Sad thing is,
I don't even know what it is that's dark...
My heart?
My mind?
Or maybe I'm just blind...
I don't know, I can't tell at all.
But I know I don't like it, this darkness...
I need...
Something to get rid of this horrible, crippling darkness that eats me, consumes me... buries me. I'm scared, terrified... save me. I'm afraid of this darkness within me... I Fear it, because I love it. It's strong, powerful within me. I use it, to protect and keep those I love safe... But it's eating me, and I know it. Just like back then... when she still had hold on me... Just like that...
Could it be her? Still trying to keep control of her daughter? To put me back onto the path of destruction and death she had so wanted? Maybe... or maybe it really is just me, this darkness that consumes me... confuses me. It grows and shrinks, and swirls all around me. It makes me confused, makes me forget...
I no longer feel anything... W
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 5 6
I'm sitting there crying
Don't know what to do
Wishing and knowing
I cannot help you
There is no hope
That is all gone
I pick up the phone,
Please help me Jon!
She's hurting,
She's crying,
She's suffering!
She's suffering I'm done!
Dying and hurting
I can't let this go on!
Please wake him up,
We need a ride.
While I wait,
I prepare to say goodbye.
It's so hard,
It hurts,
I'm dying inside.
But I'd rather do this
Then watch you suffer and die.
Still I try,
to say goodbye.
I hear the honk,
I still don't feel ready.
I pick you up,
My heart feels so heavy.
You can't even stand,
You won't take a bite
I know that I still
Have to say goodbye.
The ride is long,
Too long for me,
And I feel,
It's not long enough.
I don't want to say goodbye
I carry you in,
Like a big baby
The chance you survive
There is no maybe
I know what I'm doing and
When I leave,
I'll leave alone
You won't be with me
At that moment...
It's really goodbye.
:iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 11 0
Woman from Mag by Cybersix-Data7 Woman from Mag :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 5 0 Dot art butterfly by Cybersix-Data7 Dot art butterfly :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 7 2 Barry the chopper by Cybersix-Data7 Barry the chopper :iconcybersix-data7:Cybersix-Data7 2 3


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I'm not an artist but I buy a lot of characters and I love em all. My TH for all my favourite babes


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Sooo my doggo had to be put down recently, and I'm just looking for a little extra money right now to pay things off. So I'm reselling a lot of characters. 

Everything here is for sale!

I am looking for mostly USD, however I will also consider art or trades, but I'll be very picky regarding both of those at this point in time, I hope you understand! 

You can also throw some offers out for my main account, but please now for most things on my main I'm pretty hesitant to part with anything unless it's a good offer. 

And if you're not really interested in any characters but you'd still like give a little something you can go here: any little bit helps really
Participate in missions with your toskal to get bonus points! You can do either literacy and/or images. Literature options have to have a minimum of 200 words, and images have to be a scene of some kind(BG included). These can be done all year round at your leisure. 
Missions count as BONUS points. Meaning that you get the points for the image/literature amount PLUS the points of the mission. 
You can go through the missions with every toskal you own. 
If you do both a literature option AND an image option, you will get 15 points instead of 10


Growing Up, Finding Your Legs: 

Tell us the tales about the early life of your toskal! From birth to adolescence before leaving for The Rite. What was it like for your toskal growing up? Were they a bully? Bullied? Somewhere in between? Did they eat up knowledge so they'd know how to survive? Or did they goof off with other pups? How often did they get into trouble? Were they favoured by the tribe? Abandoned, adopted?
You can create up to 2 different stories for their early life to be submitted.
Points earned: 10 

On Your Way Out: 

It's the day of your rite. Your instincts have finally pulled you out and away from your home and into the dangerous wilderness of the world around you. Thrown into the elements and wild creatures that would love to make a tasty meal out of you. How does your toskal feel? Are they scared? Confident? Apprehensive? Is it uneventful, or do you get into danger right out of the gate? Are they well prepared or ill prepared? Who do they miss the most? Who won't they miss? What do they wish for the future? Anything can happen to them on this dangerous test on survival. Write about toskals first weeks of departing for their rite.
Points Earned: 10


Coming face to face with a giant creature, or another toskal. You have no choice but to face it one way or another. Losing isn't an option. Do you fight and kill the enemy? Wound it? Or do you try and distract it until eventually it goes away and you can make your great escape? With heart pounding and adrenaline pounding, you end up facing an enemy that isn't so easy to run away from and has to be faced. Are they blocking an escape? Is there more than one to face? How will your toskal survive this frighting showdown. 
Points Earned: 10

You've Made It!:

It's the last day of your rite!
 Congratulations! You played the dangerous game of survival and you're one of the lucky ones that lived to tell about it! What will that tale be? How much time has passed by? What do you do now? Will you return to your old tribe or your mates? A success and an example of success? Any battle scars or trophies? Maybe you find a new tribe altogether. Come home with a new mate and partner at your side? Or maybe you were successful in everything but the game of love and return completly solo. How have they changed and developed since they first left and what have you learned on your journey?
Points Earned: 10


Most Toskal tribes praise the moon. But some stray away from the norm. Some praise the darkness and it's chosen servant the dreaded Nightmare. Some praise the sun, some praise the wind. Hell, some praise them all! Supersition, religion and spirituality is everywhere in the toskal world. What does yours believe, and how do they celebrate and praise their chosen deity? Is it the same as the rest of the tribe, or out of the norm? Do you have to hide it from others? If they don't believe in anything why not? If they lost their faith, how? 
Points Earned: 10 

Career Path: 

Every toskal has to do their fair share within the tribe. What's your role? Are you a hunter? Gatherer? A leader even, responsible for the lives of others? Or maybe your just a lazy bum that does minimal effort and you'd be the first to go if resources were thin, or if it weren't for your hard working mate that makes up for you. What have you chosen to do with your life? 
Points Earned: 10 

The Dance Of Love: 

You find yourself infatuated with another toskal and want to try and do that dirty dance. How does your toskal try to attract them and flirt? Are they awkward? Think that their more impressive than they really are? Or maybe you really are all that? It's a tricky dance, and you gotta do it right to get the girl(or guy). Show us your moves! 
Points Earned: 10 

You Are The One: 

All that practice flirting came in handy. Because it's finally happened! You now have your bond mate! How does your toskal feel upon finding out they've found and bonded with 'the one.' Are they shocked when they finally figure it out? Happy? Maybe their argumentative and try to refuse the fact before they actually accept it. 
Points Earned: 10 

All The Things That Made Me: 

You're Toskal has been through a lot in his or her life. Write about some of the most significant ones that shaped the into who they are today. A fight? Meeting someone that changed the way they saw the world? First pup? A death that turned your world upside down? First memory? Anything and everything that helped shape your toskal into who they are. 
You may submit more than one for this one with a maximum of 5! 
Points earned: 10 

Five More Minuets: 

The time has come. You're toskal has lived it's life, and and that life is fading fast. Lived to a ripe old age. Or maybe attacked and it's life ended way too early, way too fast. What does your toskal think about in it's last moments of life? Regrets? Things it wished never happened, or things it wished it had done. Is it happy with its life and without any regrets? Life goes by too fast... Just give them five more minuets. 
Points Earned: 10 
We'll slowly add things to the store as we think of them! Prices are also subject to change! Things you can buy can include special mounts, mutations for grunts, possible customs, admission into a permission only clan, ect! 

Remember that points are a bonus thing and you are not obligated to participate if you don't want to! It's an appreciation and a thank you for purchasing, and being active with your toskals <3

**Reminder:  Anything you buy using points does NOT earn you points! And since points are bonus item, the wait times can be a bit longer for results. As commissions and customs will always come first. So it can sometimes take a little while for these to be fulfilled.** 

Toskal Points Store!


If you would like to purchase something with points, please post below and fill out the form. This makes it easier for us to track how many points you have and how many have been spent.  

Item: The item you're looking to purchase
Point amount you own: How many points do you have?
Proof: Proof of your point amount.
Toskal: If you're applying an item to add to toskal, link them. 
Toskal 2: For if you're ordering a breeding. If not don't copy this one. 

IF you order a breeding between two toskals please have your partner post you have permission as a reply to your comment <3 
Most tribes can be made/created and placed wherever you like, as for most of the world, most of the tribes generally follow the same beliefs. However, there are some very special tribes out there that you can only be a part of in special ways. Weather it be permission, points, custom, or adopt. These tribes are not open to everyone. Here is where you can find information about them. Weather it's a certain feature, or a large full on different community from others. Please note these will only be for certain tribes, not open tribes that anyone can join/tribes made by other people that will otherwise determine who comes in and out into it. 
Toskal Land by Cybersix-Data7

Red Eyed Tribe

~ A tribe that dyes their eyes red. 
~ You can only receive them via returning to the tribe after completing the rite 
~ Skilled leatherworkers
~ The mane tied back from shoulders up
~ They customarily wear chokers/collars carved by family or partners, the more detailed the better received/loved
1red Eyes by Cybersix-Data7

Cliffscape Tribes

~ A tribe of toskals that use flying and gliding mounts. 
~ This tribe does NOT run by a matriarchy, but rather by the skill and precision as a warrior, a leader, and/or a provider. The species if your mount is also considered very important for this. The bigger/more impressive your breed of mount is the more likely you are to gain a higher position and rank quicker. 
~ Getting your mount killed outside of battle is considered dishonorable. 
~ When leaving for the rite, they must come back with a flying partner, or else you are considered a disgrace. 
~ When leaving for the rite they have two options: 
1. They choose an egg from a batch placed in baskets so that they can't see what egg belongs to what mount, and choose one based off 'feeling' and take it out into the wild to care for it, hatch it, and go through the rite together. - This is the most common method, but slightly less respected then the second method. 
2. They go into the rite on their own and try to either steal a wild egg, or tame a wild mount. - This is done less often, and less successful, but is very highly respected and almost always guarantees a position of respect. 
~ Upon return from the rite, you will share your tales with others, and then be integrated into the life of the tribe. Through this your prowess will be proven true and will be given your proper title and rank. 
~ They live along the cliffs close to the sea/oceans, most often eating fish and other water dwelling game.
~ They know how to cultivate plants for eating and harvesting, the soils rich thanks to the addition of their mounts manure. Often hidden away in areas that are protected from the heavy winds that often ensue from the cliff. Sometimes needing to settle them a few miles away with protectors often changed around between people. 
~ The tribe spans the entire outer land. Anywhere there are viable cliffs near the ocean chances are they can be found there. 
~ Three main 'tribes' however smaller ones exist. 
~ Despite the large spread and the other 'tribes' existing they all consider themselves family and call themselves the Cliffscape tribe. Instead calling separate tribes 'Units.' 
~ As all consider one another family, any member of one unit may leave to live with a different unit and be welcomed with open arms as family. 
~ Despite having such a large expanse of land, they don't live everywhere all the time. Smaller units can sometimes go into the larger ones when natural disasters happen or need help because of shortage of food, herbs, or extreme weather. 
~ Thanks to their mounts they can travel further faster, this giving them such a large expanse of land. 
~ The stories say that the three units were created because of three Alpha siblings. All three of them gaining the hardest and most powerful mount one could ever tame, and all of them worthy of being a leader. None of them wanting to bow to the other. Instead, they split into three different units so all could have equal power and grow the reach of their lands. Despite differences and disagreements. The siblings always loved each other and considered each other family and each others greatest allies. 
~ In celebration of the siblings, and to ensure bonds remain strong between all the other units and keep loyalties, there is a celebration every three years of all the units coming together as a clan in celebration. 
~ Red unit most often has a female leader, but is not always the case. 
1Cliffscape by Cybersix-Data7


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